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In the heart of Cologne.

We are pleased to introduce our Motion Capture Studio as a service provider for your agency.

Our studio is equipped with a state-of-the-art OPTITRACK Motion Capture System, enabling us to capture high-quality motion data with a measurement accuracy of 240fps for your projects.


Over 15 years of experience

What has distinguished us for years is our dedicated team. Our employees are highly qualified experts in their field and are passionate about their work.

Hence, another advantage of our studio is our quick response time to inquiries. We understand that projects are often planned on short notice, and we are prepared to respond promptly to your needs. We are capable of delivering high-quality data even within tight deadlines.

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For game development, advertising, and AR/VR

Full Performance-Capture:
As an All-in-One Motion-Capture Studio, we capture the complete character performance: body, face, fingers, and voice.
New service for international projects. You can direct your motion-capture session directly from your office or living room by using video conference-based recording.


For game development, advertising, and AR/VR

We process your data or create virtual objects and characters ourselves and then set them in motion.

3D animations are often used in movies, TV series, commercials, video games, and other digital media.


For game development, advertising, and AR/VR

3D rendering is the process of converting a 3D scene into a two-dimensional image or animation. We use various visual effects such as light, shadow, and reflections to create a realistic image or animation.

Character Rigging

For game development, advertising, and AR/VR

“Character Rigging” is a process in 3D animation where a 3D model is given a skeleton made of bones and joints that allows it to be animated. This allows us to give your character a variety of movements and poses.


For game development, advertising, and AR/VR

Adjustment of motion data of a 3D model to another model or skeleton.

We transfer animations created for one model to other models or characters without having to create the animations again from scratch.


MOTION Graphics

For game development, advertising, and AR/VR

“In the field of Motion Graphics, we animate static graphics and text to convey a message or story. Various techniques such as animation, 3D modeling, compositing, and visual effects can be used to create an immersive and visually appealing experience.”



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